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In January of the glorious year of 2020, The Bianchis Group had their eyes set on catering for more, more events, more community projects and basically being able to cater in a more diverse approach. 


In March of 2020 the nation saw the first Covid lock down which is when we turned our attention to using our ingredients, skills and kitchens to help those experiencing vulnerable living conditions. 


Centrale gave us a safe space to join forces with Caring in Bristol, Shona Graham & Josh Eggleton within the Cheers Drive scheme to make a difference in a difficult time. 


Although times have changed we still use this great space to help but we also have grown closer to our original visions. 


At the beginning of 2022 we began testing the waters with what we could achieve out of this spac, a deli, Sunday DJ sessions, cinema screenings, wedding tastings, wine tastings and much more...


Centrale is a multi faceted, flexible and exciting venue which acts as a central kitchen  to our lovely venues plus an exciting events space for outdoor and indoor events. 


What we do 

Cookery school (Pasta classes, bread making classes, etc) 

Wine tastings 

Wedding tastings 

Film screenings 

Private lunches and dinners

BBQ & DJ sessions


If you're interested in hosting an event at or hiring Centrale 


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